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Global Grid and Mobile Apps Bring Big Data to Small Businesses

Thanks to mobile apps and other technologies that ease access to massive amounts of information, small businesses can reap the highly touted benefits of big data.

A new report commissioned by Intuit predicts that small business owners and consumers will take advantage of emerging trends to leverage large, complex sets of data, dubbed “big data.” No longer the exclusive purview of big business, big data is becoming available to smaller organizations, the study researchers maintain, providing the intelligence they need to make informed business decisions.

The Intuit report focuses on three trends that will affect both small businesses and consumers over the next ten years, as big data continues to proliferate:

  • The New Data Democracy – Data will become a vital raw material, taking on a role comparable to capital and labor. Small businesses will enjoy increased access to huge volumes of information, as well as the tools needed to analyze and employ it the way large enterprises do.
  • Data Empowers Consumers – Consumers will also take advantage of big data. As people are increasingly connected, through the global grid and mobile devices, “data will shape decisions both large and small, inform purchasing decisions and create communities and relationships,” according to the Intuit report.
  • Data Provides Main Street – Access to the types of data once available only to major corporations will empower small businesses. Like their larger counterparts, they will find ways to use big data to run their business more efficiently, attract new customers, and ultimately, drive growth.

Today, using ViziApps, businesses of all sizes can create mobile business apps that access valuable data, whether it’s stored in Google spreadsheets, SQL databases or on websites.  The DIY mobile app development tool enables people with intermediate computing skills to create apps that incorporate the data their users need to work productively, whether they are in offices or on the road. The recently announced ViziApps support for Intuit QuickBase allows QuickBase users to build mobile business apps that access data to support business processes on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. And like QuickBase, ViziApps requires no coding.

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Building Mobile Business Apps for Tablets

Enterprises and small-to-medium-size businesses tend to first think of smartphone apps when considering a new way to increase user productivity or strengthen customer bonds. And of course, smartphones apps can address those needs very effectively.But now it’s time to also provide apps for tablets, to accommodate business users who enjoy working on the iPad or an Android tablet.

Smartphone use for business is exploding. Users view them as essential personal devices that can easily handle work as well as personal tasks.  As a result, smartphones often are selected and purchased by individual users and supported through their employer’s BYOD program. Tablets for business apps, on the other hand, are more likely to be selected and supplied by employers.

According to Gartner, the number of tablets sold in 2012 will hit the 119 million mark. That’s nearly twice the 2011 level of 60 million units. Tablet sales will continue to rise, the research firm predicts, with 450 million tablets sold annually by 2016. By then, enterprise purchases will account for 53 million units.

As the popularity of tablets in the enterprise skyrockets, employees, customers, partners and suppliers will need apps specifically created to run on tablets, taking advantage of those devices’ formats and superior presentation features. So businesses will have to find a way to build new custom tablet apps quickly and cost effectively. They will also need to be able to quickly update and maintain them throughout their life cycle at low cost.

The ViziApps mobile app development tool meets those requirements. With its drag and drop approach to design, ViziApps enables business people without coding experience to create apps for iOS and Android tablets.  Moreover, the tool’s visual design capabilities allow app builders to create graphics once for use in a tablet app and deploy those graphics across multiple mobile platforms. As a result, business people can plan and implement tablet app development projects in days or weeks, rather than months, and use expense reports to handle app subscription fees.

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ViziApps Mobile App Development Tool Gets Another Strong Review

Create Own Apps, a website that reviews DIY mobile app development tools, has awarded ViziApps a 4-star rating. The site was created to help mobile app builders compare different solutions and find the right one for their mobile app development projects.

We’re delighted to receive this recognition for the ViziApps drag and drop tool, which is used by enterprises and small business to build mobile business apps for use in a wide range of industries. Read the full review here.

Speed Your Mobile Apps to Market in a Major App Store

New, disruptive technologies are enabling business and IT people to create robust, visually appealing, data-centric mobile business apps quickly and cost effectively. Using a tool like ViziApps they can build mobile business apps without acquiring new technical skills, hiring expensive outside consultants, or trying to justify a large mobile development budget.

But after a mobile app is completed using DIY app tools like ViziApps, app creators must contend with the app publishing process, which can be intimidating and time-consuming. Fortunately, ViziApps has streamlined and simplified the publishing process to help eliminate much of the confusion app creators need to complete, publish and speed their apps to market. Online help documentation and videos in the ViziApps Studio provide step-by-step directions on how to get a ViziApps-built app published in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.

To publish an app in the Apple App Store using ViziApps, for example, you just need to complete three steps:

  • Prepare the data, icons, images and other items that will be used to promote your app in the App Store with iTunes Connect
  • Brand and build the code for your app using ViziApps
  • Deploy your app to iTunes Connect with the Application Loader.

Deploying An App to iTunes Connect

The process for deploying an app to iTunes Connect has changed over time, so be sure to download and refer to the current iTunes Connect Developer Guide for the latest information.

Knowing what you will need to take your completed mobile business apps through the build and app publishing process will help you plan your time at the onset of your mobile app development project to make your apps available to your users on schedule.  By clearly understanding the steps you will need to complete to meet the unique requirements of the Apple App Store and Google Play, you will avoid unnecessary delays and ensure that your mobile apps will be ready when your users expect to start using it.

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Don’t Overcomplicate Mobile Business Apps

Facing a highly competitive market, mobile app creators may welcome advice from successful entrepreneurs. Often the type of advice they hear is designed to help them navigate their way through complex business issues.  But sound counsel can also suggest ways to eliminate unnecessary complexity.

Fierce Wireless attended Web Summit 2012 in Dublin earlier this month and summarized advice speakers and panelists offered to mobile app developers. That advice included ideas that go beyond the typical guidance conference attendees might have expected to hear.

In an article titled “Seven mobile developer success strategies from Web Summit 2012,” Shane Schick highlighted one strategy might surprise mobile app creators:

Don’t ignore the one-off apps. 

That’s a very straightforward suggestion, but it might not be obvious to everyone planning to create a mobile business app.

From Schick’s article:

“Tomer Kagan, the co-founder and CEO of Quixey, focuses on a discovery service that helps users find other apps. He told the Web Summit crowd that not all developers need to wrack their brains thinking of ways to get users coming back to an app over and over again once they’ve installed it. He gave the example of a consumer app created by a grocery store chain, whose goal was to increase sales by 10 percent by offering information and discounts to customers that were already spending money in the store. It worked.”

Another recommendation from the same event: Leave room for non-social behavior.

For some other interesting ideas for mobile app developers, read the entire article.

How to Incorporate Camera and GPS Features in Your Mobile App

The camera and GPS are two features of mobile devices that users particularly enjoy using. To help businesses use ViziApps to create hybrid mobile apps with those features, we have a new a tutorial video.

Watch this video to allow users to take pictures within the app you’re creating with ViziApps. The video also demonstrates how to easily save photos for use in a mobile business app

In addition to the camera, the GPS is another powerful function that many app creators want to make available to their users. The video shows how to insert a GPS field anywhere in an app and use the latitude and longitude variables to load a map. It also explains how to save location data to a web data source for address detection or distance calculations. The GPS field is particularly useful for displaying a list of nearby stores or other businesses, for example, or to store a user’s location for other purposes.

For help using other ViziApps features to create mobile apps, check out the full set of tutorial videos here.

Mobile App Creators Can Enhance Their Apps With JavaScript

ViziApps enables creation of enterprise mobile apps without coding. However, it also lets app builders enrich their mobile apps and user experience using JavaScript.

Now, a new video provides users a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the ViziApps drag and drop designer and JavaScript to create visually appealing, data-rich, robust mobile apps.

The video demonstrates how to build a mobile app for business use in the ViziApps Studio and incorporate custom scripts, libraries, and plug-ins to provide functionality beyond what can be done without coding. Some examples of enhanced functionality that use of JavaScript can provide include:

  • Using the accelerometer
  • Enhanced media capture (media files)
  • Managing connections (checking network state and cellular network information)
  • Enhancing camera operations
  • Using the compass
  • Accessing on-device contacts (work with the contact database)
  • Managing file transfers
  • Integrating geo-location mapping
  • Playing media (record and play back audio files)
  • Sending notifications
  • Accessing storage (hook into native storage options)

For help with other ViziApps capabilities, consult a complete listing of tutorial videos for app builders here.

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Snap to Grid Capability Eases Mobile App Design

In response to customer feedback, we are always adding new features to the ViziApps mobile app development tool. By enhancing the tool, we’re enabling enterprises and small businesses to more quickly and easily design and publish mobile apps to promote their business and strengthen customer and partner relationships.

One of the newest features in ViziApps is Snap to Grid.

This feature lets app creators easily place widgets or other graphics in a design, positioning and sizing them just the way they want them to fit. By making it easier to align design components in an app, Snap to Grid helps speed ViziApps-built mobile apps to market.

A recent survey by App Central revealed that many enterprise mobility projects are not necessarily covered by IT budgets. Instead they may be funded by business units, marketing, sales and executive accounts. As a result, enterprises often must scramble to find the budget and technical resources needed to meet requirements for mobile apps that can boost employee productivity and enhance customer relationships.

With ViziApps, any enterprise group can design and build their own mobile apps at no cost. Then, after their app is completed, ViziApps charges a low monthly subscription publishing fee, based on number of app pages and users. Making updates to a published app is free. Updates are pushed to app users automatically, at no additional charge.

As a result, enterprises can take advantage of the ViziApps no-coding approach to mobile app development to design build mobile business apps in much less time than a traditional software development project would take. When the need for a new mobile app arises, users with sophisticated computer skills can create branded apps quickly. And because ViziApps fees are very low, both business units and IT teams can now provide mobile apps for use by customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and others on a very reasonable budget.

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Creating A Login For A ViziApps Mobile App

How do I create a login for my mobile app? That’s a question we hear frequently from ViziApps users who want to create apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  Here’s an example that addresses that question, illustrating how to add a login for a hybrid app that uses JavaScript.In this example, the app requires a user to enter a name and password and then click the login button. When the button is clicked, the app queries a Google Docs spreadsheet to access two sets of data: a list of users and a separate list of alert messages.

To prepare to build this type of app, then, you’ll need a list of users and alert messages, provided on two sheets within a separate spreadsheet.  See the example below.


Each sheet in the spreadsheet can be thought of as a table within an SQL database.

The field names for the tables are in in the first row of data.







read full article

ViziApps Tutorial Videos Ease Mobile Application Development

ViziApps instructional videos help businesses of all sizes take full advantage of the ViziApps platform to build mobile apps for use by customers, employees, partners, and others.  Watch those videos to understand how to use the powerful features of the ViziApps platform for creating apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and Android tablets.

ViziApps is a do it yourself mobile apps platform that enables organizations of all sizes to rapidly design and build custom data-rich mobile applications for business with no coding. Each video focuses on a specific feature or features, demonstrating how to use the ViziApps no-coding approach to build data-rich apps.

The videos offer a convenient way to see ViziApps capabilities in action, either before getting started on a mobile app building project or anytime during the creative process.  Features covered by the videos include:

Go to the ViziApps Channel on YouTube to find the complete selection of instructional videos on how to build your own mobile business app with ViziApps.