QuickBooks Online is the rapidly growing cloud version of the world’s most popular accounting program. But when it comes to mobile apps, QuickBooks Online has been constrained to a standardized one-size-fits-all mobile app, and a few special-purpose solutions available through Intuit App Center.

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Now ViziApps removes all the constraints! You can build the mobile app that exactly suits your business processes, or for your QuickBooks online clients. ViziApps enables you to directly read data from and write data into your QuickBooks Online account. You can use data from other sources to eliminate the inefficiency and mistakes that can occur when a user has to access multiple apps to use different systems. You can empower your workers to be highly productive anywhere, anytime, using exactly the workflow needed to get tasks done quickly.

And using ViziApps Studio, which doesn’t require coding, you can build your custom app quickly, inexpensively, and without involving a large team of developers. And you can update your app at any time, immediately pushing the new version to your users.

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Secure Mobile Apps

When you create a custom mobile app with ViziApps for QuickBooks Online, every user must log in to the app with their QuickBooks Online account and password – a process that happens directly with Intuit, bypassing ViziApps and your app. Your app communicates directly and securely with Intuit’s servers, keeping your data safe.

Mobile-First Workflow

Mobile device users need to get specific tasks done quickly, and with small screens and touch input, demanding the user experience to be optimized in a different way than for web applications. ViziApps Studio uses a page-based organization with free-form layout, enabling you to express the exact workflow for workers to get their tasks done quickly and accurately.

Mashups with Your Backend and Cloud Data

In addition to QuickBooks Online, ViziApps can connect your app to Google Sheets,, Intuit QuickBase, and SQL servers. Need to pull product pricing or inventory data from a Google Drive Spreadsheet, SQL database, or QuickBase? Need to check customer data from ViziApps makes this all possible within a single mobile app, and much more.

True Mobile User Experiences

ViziApps gives you access to critical smartphone features including GPS, camera, and audio recording, but also extends with important mobility features such as barcode and QR scanning, signature capture, and push notifications. So your custom mobile app becomes a true productivity tool that can transform your business.