AT&T M2X for the Internet of Things

AT&T M2X provides time-series data storage, device management, message brokering, event triggering, alarming, geo-fencing, and data visualization for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) products and services. ViziApps has worked with AT&T to integrate ViziApps with M2X for ViziApps to provide Visual Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) using AT&T M2X data for industrial IoT. Click here for more. And check out the Tutorial in the AT&T M2X blog.

Parametrics Technology ThingWorx for the Internet of Things

The ThingWorx Technology Platform is a leading enterprise platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy industrial solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart devices can be connected to the cloud for such applications as power plants, chemical plants, health care, commercial infrastructure and transportation. ViziApps has worked with ThingWorx to seamlessly integrate ThingWorx access for mobile apps. Without coding, you can display ThingWorx data and control devices right from your mobile app. Click here for more.

Google Sheets

Google docs and Google Drive provide easy, fast, and secure cloud-based data storage for ViziApps mobile apps. You can update mobile app users and cloud-based backend data by simply updating your Google sheets. Think of them as easy-to-use databases that anyone able to use spreadsheets can use for data capture, storage, and display. ViziApps has seamlessly integrated the ability to include Google docs access in your ViziApps mobile apps without coding. Click here for more.


QuickBase, formerly a division of Intuit, is a newly independent company focused on helping businesses of all sizes drive productivity and digitally transform their organizations. The platform’s unique low-code interface enables users to create custom applications faster and easier without learning code. Today, QuickBase is used by more than 6,000 customers, including half of the Fortune 100, across a variety of industries and use cases.Click here for more.


QuickBooks Online is the world's most popular accounting program. With ViziApps, you can build the mobile app that exactly suits your business processes, or for your QuickBooks online clients. ViziApps enables you to directly read data from and write data into your QuickBooks Online account. You can use data from other sources to eliminate the inefficiency and mistakes that can occur when a user has to access multiple apps to use different systems. Click here for more.


Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform. We've worked with to enable you to integrate data in your mobile app's user device event-driven workflow without coding. Not only can you design free-form app pages that express exactly the user experience for your app, but you can use all the user device features needed for true mobile business processes, including GPS, push notifications, camera, QR and bar code scanning, charts, and more. Click here for more on the Salesforce ViziApps Mobile Pack.

Amazon Web Services

The ViziApps Studio is built on Amazon Web Services. It provides the cloud services for the ViziApps portal as well as the ViziApps Microservices to enable enterprise grade secure access to data sources including the most popular SQL databases, ThingWorx, ATT M2X and SalesForce. Click here for more.


AODocs provides enterprise document management based on Google for Work, now on Google for Work Domains serving more than 1,100,000 users across 75 countries. The unique combination of ViziApps with AODocs' Google Docs support and document management capabilities empowers users to create mobile business apps that are quick to build and easy to use. Now, you can easily integrate Document Management into ViziApps custom cross-platform mobile business process apps with no coding. Click here for more.


Used by tens of thousands of developers and 61 out of the world's 100 largest companies, Highcharts provides the simplest yet most flexible charting solution on the market. ViziApps has integrated Highcharts charting to enable you to use a huge variety of data-rich and responsive charts and graphs without coding, with many display options, including Pinch-zooming, Tooltip Labels, Angular Gauges, and Polar Charts. Click here for more.

ViziApps Innovation Partners

We see our business partners as an extension of our team, with an integral role in our development and growth. We have integrated no coding support for robust database, charting, IoT, and mBaaS technologies from industry leading technology companies.


Ayantek is a digital strategy and solutions firm focused on delivering value through Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud technologies to some of the world’s largest organizations. Our consultants based in Boston and India are industry experts with decades of experience designing, building, and managing interactive programs that drive measurable improvements and competitive advantages for our clients. We help them achieve market leadership through exceptional user experiences and industry-leading technologies. Contact them.


At CirrusOps we Enable Business Users to Connect More, See More, and Do More. We are addicted to the pride we feel when another of our clients tells us of the positive impact we’ve made on their business and how their teams do work. Our solutions enable companies to connect more with their teams and processes, and do more with their data, time and resources for measurable results. We help all of our clients improve efficiency, automate workflows, and seamlessly connect business processes with innovative data integrations. Contact them.

CloudBase Services

CloudBase Services collaborates with clients to solve complex challenges. We customize cloud-based software, such as QuickBase, Salesforce, and Tableau, to deliver user-friendly solutions, more meaningful dashboards and reports, integration with other IT systems, optimized databases, and coaching & training. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, and give us the highest ratings on technical expertise and outstanding customer service.Contact them.

Crystal Bay Solutions

Crystal Bay Solutions’ focus is on delivering efficient and effective workgroup productivity software solutions, for both corporations and non-profits that do exactly what you require at a price you can afford. We deliver Affordable, adaptable custom cloud based solutions based on the QuickBase platform. We can customize and provide training and support for new or existing applications. We emphasize High-Touch, exemplary customer service based on a high-value, customer-centric business model. Contact them..

Data Blender

DataBlender is one of the few QuickBase Solution Providers led by a former Intuit QuickBase employee. At Intuit, Blake Harrison was a Product Specialist and part of the QuickBase technical support team. We have a passion for solutions and client’s needs. All team members have at least 3 years experience as a Quickbase developer or administrator. Our experience runs from business process to mobile app design & development. We work with clients to truly understand and meet their needs now and into the future.Contact them.

Hyper/Word Services

Hyper/Word provides ViziApps Training programs and mobile app development and documentation services. Hyper/Word Services was founded in 1990 to provide online documentation consulting and development services. Hyper/Word Services is an internationally recognized expert in online help and documentation design and development. Neil Perlin, Principle Consultant at Hyper/Word, has worked with ViziApps since 2011, and is the author of the book, Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding. Contact them.

Insight Global

Insight Global is a QuickBase Solution Provider based in the UK that delivers agile cloud computing solutions. QuickBase is dynamic user-friendly online app development software. Scalable and adaptable QuickBase supports the needs of your company and your business processes. We are a solutions company - here to understand your challenges, we can identify the ones that we can help with and develop compelling proposals on how we can help. Our solutions are innovative and future proof. Contact them.

Intellligent Database Solutions

Since 2005 we have been using and developing Quick Base Applications for clients around the world. With extensive experience under our belts, we understand Quick Base. We also understand business. You need an ally who can translate your business workflow into a sound and reliable Quick Base Application. Listening to you, we take our vast experience from the solutions for different businesses across a wide range of industries and help guide you to the build the best desktop and mobile application the first time. Contact them.

Juiced Technologies

With over 30 years of experience in IT, we are a certified Intuit QuickBase Solutions Provider. We’ve worked with QuickBase for over 14 years and ViziApps over 3 years. We have developed hundreds of applications for various industries which have included CRM, sales force automation, project management, budgeting, event management, asset tracking and more. We have developed software for many small, medium and large enterprise businesses in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Contact them.

Mobinett Interactive

Mobinett Interactive partners with early stage and growing organizations for strategy, design, software development and related services, to build their web and mobile products (web and mobile apps). Our full-service agency has offices in Boston, Austin and Pune, India. Our best-in-class team of UX designers and backend developers have deep expertise in mobile apps, responsive websites, web apps and third-party/social integrations. Contact them..


Sympo has created successful database projects with some of the biggest names in retail, real estate and construction. Sympo helps root out process inefficiencies and provides flexible, scalable, cost-effective web-based solutions. With a penchant for moving at the speed of now, manufacturers, municipalities and businesses of every size call on Sympo. An Intuit QuickBase Solution Provider, Sympo provides workflow analysis and online data management consulting and solutions in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Contact them.

Team707 Data Solutions

As a cloud services developer since 2006, Team707 knows the most successful cloud-based implementations have an eye to big picture goals, details of the apps, and the experience of each user. Team707 provides consulting, design, app development for mobile and desktop experiences, integration solutions, and on-going support services. Whether at the beginning of your cloud computing journey or already in the cloud services game, working with us is an investment that pays for itself quickly. Contact them.

Troy Mobility

Troy Mobility is a mobility solution provider specializing in Mobility & Cloud Consulting, Professional Services and Value-Added relationships that span the entire mobile ecosystem spectrum. Since starting as simply an MDM reseller, Troy Mobility has extended its mobile reach to include Managed Mobility Services, EMM platforms, comprehensive Lifecycle Management solutions and a strategic mobility consulting group to advise our customers about trends, technologies and application development. Contact them.

VARC Solutions

Since 1999, VARC Solutions has provided QuickBooks workflow consultation, installation, configuration, training and support services to small, medium, and large businesses. VARC Solutions is an Intuit QuickBase Solutions Provider, and was Intuit’s Partner of the Year in 2010 and 2011, winning numerous Intuit Customer Satisfaction Awards. VARC Solutions provides QuickBase and QuickBooks based solutions for desktop and mobile apps with ViziApps throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Contact them.

Your Quick Base Coach

Mark Shnier, aka Your QuickBase Coach, is a QuickBase Solution Provider that has delivered great QuickBase solutions since 2007. Examples include time and attendance tracking with complex workflow, claims management, freight audit, safety compliance, equipment maintenance, and bid management. Contact him.

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