• Fast & Free - Build & Test your app for free for 30 days, and download it to your mobile device in seconds
  • No coding - Design your app visually online with drag and drop wizards
  • Go Native or Web - Native Apps can use all the native on-device resources. Web Apps work on all device browsers
  • Easy Data Access - Access back-end data to and from your device, including Google Spreadsheets, Oracle Cloud Services, QuickBase and SQL Databases as well as the Internet of Things with no coding
  • Design Once, Run Everywhere - Native Apps run on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. Web Apps run on all mobile devices.


  • How good a mobile app can ViziApps really create with little to no coding?

    With ViziApps you can create almost any mobile app that can be created with custom coding, except for complex game apps. Our apps include accessing data from 40 types of data sources without coding. See our sample apps for the variety of productive and attractive apps that have already been built by customers.

  • What platforms/devices can ViziApps apps run on?

    ViziApps supports both iOS and Android based mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

  • What data sources can I use with ViziApps?

    Google Sheets, QuickBooks, QuickBase, SalesForce, 37 SQL database types including SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle and others, REST Services and Internet of Things Services.

  • How much does it cost to build an app with ViziApps?

    It's free to set up, design and test an app for the first 30 days. You don't enter a credit card number to sign up. For publishing apps check out our pricing.

  • Do I need to download anything to my computer to use ViziApps?

    No. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection. ViziApps supports Firefox 10+, Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome 12.0+, or Opera 11+. An Apple iOS Developer Account is needed to submit iOS apps to the Apple App Store, as well as an Android Market Developer account for Google Play app submissions.

  • How long does it take to set up my ViziApps account?

    You can set up your own ViziApps account in less than a minute and at no cost. You don't need a credit card to sign up and start building mobile apps.

  • How long does it take to create and launch my app?

    You can create your app in as little as a few hours. Once you have created your app, just follow the instructions for publishing it. You can publish your ViziApps web app immediately, using the URL or the QR Code ViziApps creates for you. If you want to publish your app in a public app marketplace, you will need to submit your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. These will require you to register for a developer's license. We will provide you with the file to use to submit your app to each store. Once you have submitted your mobile app, the Apple approval process can take up to a week. The Android approval is usually complete within hours.

  • How easy is it to design my own mobile app?

    If you know how to create a PowerPoint presentation and build spreadsheets, you can build a mobile app using the ViziApps Studio. Its visual display canvas combined with simple drag-and-drop wizards make it easy to use for everyone. If you do need assistance, our support team can help.

  • Can I upgrade my app once it’s launched?

    Absolutely! We understand that your content is essential to your business needs. And we all know how quickly content and user needs can change. So update your app as needed, hourly, daily, weekly, or whenever it makes sense for your business. Keep in mind that updating your app is free! And your changes show up on the app for your users automatically, without any manual intervention.

  • Can ViziApps create my app for me, or perhaps some part of it?

    Yes. ViziApps can build your mobile business app for you. Contact ViziApps Sales, at sales@viziapps.com, for a Professional Services quote.

  • How do I publish my ViziApps web apps?

    Publishing web apps you create with ViziApps is easy and fast. ViziApps automatically generates the URL link and a QR Code you can use to publish your app – on your website, in your blog, or in your electronic or printed marketing materials.

  • What are my options for publishing my ViziApps hybrid apps?

    There are 4 options for publishing your ViziApps hybrid apps:

    • ViziApps Instant Publishing
    • Google Play
    • Apple App Store
    • Mobile App Management such as Airwatch or Apperian
  • How do I set the security of Network Data that my app uses?

    Viziapps uses a variety of the most accepted data security protocols including OAuth2, session tokens and others in our apps.

  • Can I test run my app using an emulator?

    Yes, you can preview your hybrid app right online.

  • What is the approval process for my app?

    Apps submitted to the Apple Store must go through an approval process prior to release. You can expect this process to take 7-10 days. An Android app submitted to the Google Play does not go through the same approval process, and the app will usually be available within a few hours.

  • Customers download the mobile apps created with ViziApps from the various app stores. Do they also have to download the ViziApps app?

    No, customers download only your branded mobile business app and do not see "ViziApps" anywhere. They do not download the ViziApps app.

  • How are you tracking how many users are using the app or are you tracking downloads?

    You can add user tracking with Google Analytics in our custom HTML header. Also, the Apple and Google markets track the downloads.

  • What if my question wasn’t answered here?

    To have our team build your app, email us at sales@viziapps.com For technical questions after you sign up for ViziApps for free, email us at support@viziapps.com

  • Why should I use ViziApps?

    ViziApps provides the easiest, fastest, and most economical way to create native and web mobile apps that can access your company data without coding. The tool allows you to build apps for use on the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

  • If I develop an app with ViziApps, who owns the app?

    You own your data and your app's design. ViziApps owns the Visual Studio and all mobile device code and cloud services code associated with running your app.