Features & Functionality

ViziApps provides a complete set of mobile app device features. Unlike other solutions, ViziApps provides direct access to mobile device native capabilities, integration with databases, and visual controls all with no code.


Core Features

Supported Platform – iOS

iOS 14 + above

Supported Platform – Android (Consumer Devices)

V11 + above

Supported Platform – Zebra Android

V11 + above

Number of Apps that can be developed and tested


Use native device GPS


Use native device camera


Use native device record audio


Use native device barcode feature and QR code scanning


Use native device signature capture


Access device contacts


Access device calendar


Use both local and cloud data storage


Native device email, texting, vibrate, accelerometer, phone calls, popup web pages


Over 75 free built-in chart types


Use SSL Encryption


Use social login


Use push notifications


Use local notifications


Use near field communication for Android


ViziApps Studio

30-Day FREE Trial
Build, test, and demo apps for free for 30 days. Preview apps online. Apps immediately download remotely to user devices


Free-form, WYSIWYG graphical app designer with no coding. Designer has form fields and charts, user actions, maps, video, audio, navigation bar, navigation panel and customizations. Allows easy Javascript extensibility.


Hybrid App Framework


Web App Framework


Template apps show how fields, actions and data interfaces are used.


Extend any No-Code operation with JavaScript


Custom JavaScript Plugin Support


Share your apps with team member Studio accounts


Browser Debugging supported


Many free built-in background and stock images


App design version archiving


Build your own version of the ViziApps service (Enterprise Plan Only)


Back-End Services

Cloud service security


No coding access to popular SQL Databases including ODBC connections


No coding access to Quickbase


No coding access to Google Sheets


No coding access to Google maps


REST web services with JavaScript.


No coding access to any OpenAPI cloud service to access data from any database


Off-Line Operation – Remote Sync with Quickbase


RSS Feeds


Mobile Testing

Online Real-Time App Preview


Immediately Field Test App On-Device


App Changes Viewable on User Device(s) immediately


PDF App Design Export


App Publishing

Publish on App Store & Google Play


Publish with ViziApps Instant Publisher


Publish and deploy with Mobile App Management and Mobile Device Management platforms


Updates to published apps immediate. All users see the updated app the next time they use it.


Web app distribution via email or QR Code



Google Analytics


Mobile App Analytics



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