Work Order Apps

When your reps are in the field -- face to face with your customers, properties and equipment -- a mobile business workflow app makes it easy for them to retrieve and write up a work order, get needed customer or equipment data or documents, read equipment bar codes, photograph before and after results from construction or equipment changes, get immediate approval (if needed) from the customer with signature capture, and instantly enter the order into your system for payment processing or further action - all from the device in their hand.. With a mobile work order app, you eliminate the redundancy and loss of time that comes with a paper work order, as well as the extra work needed to later enter it into the system.


Some of the benefits you can get from a mobile work order app include:

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Faster resolution of work orders
  • Better integration with your back office systems
  • Fewer errors from re-entering information
  • Happier customers


ViziApps has been used to create mobile apps that include work orders for a wide range of industries -- from car detailing to solar panel installation to real estate management. With the ViziApps Studio, it’s as easy as using Powerpoint to layout a set of screens with all the fields that you need for a complete work order, including smart fields that are pre-populated with customer information. And you can use our drag and drop data mapping to connect your app to your company’s databases and other systems.


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