According to the results of a recent survey by Symantec, 71 percent of companies are “at least discussing mobile applications.” And one-third are deploying them.

What is stopping your business from getting past the talking stage and taking advantage of the flexibility mobile apps offer your customers, employees and partners?

The process of developing mobile business apps can be much more straightforward than you might expect. Without requiring any coding at all, ViziApps enables the creation of both native and web business apps for Apple iOS and Android devices. Its drag-and-drop approach eliminates the need for coding, resulting in significant savings in time and project costs.

If you’re looking to publish a mobile app quickly, using either with a URL link or QR code, consider creating web apps with ViziApps. If you want to take advantage of on-device resources, such as a GPS, calendar, contacts, or camera, you can use ViziApps to build native apps. Regardless of which type of mobile app your business requires, you can create one quickly and cost effectively, without coding. (For more on the differences between web and native apps and how to decide which type would meet your needs, see an earlier post in this blog.)

Symantec’s survey revealed that nearly half of companies find mobility “somewhat to extremely challenging.” With ViziApps, the app creation phase, a critical step in enterprise mobility, does not have to be the least bit daunting.

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