Bar Codes

  • Reading QR Codes and Barcodes Couldn’t Be Easier Than With ViziApps

    ViziApps has been adding many features that make it faster and easier than ever before to create mobile apps for enterprise and commercial applications. Now ViziApps announces the availability of QR Code and Barcode scanning, seamlessly integrated into mobile apps with very little effort.

    Some of the most common barcodes that you see are Universal Product Codes used for pricing and inventory control, and which can be seen on nearly all packaged products found in supermarkets as well as many other kinds of stores. Since they are so easy to generate, print, and affix to packages, barcodes have greatly improved the operations of many companies and industries, for example they are used to track packages by courier and shipping companies.

    QR (or Quick Response) codes have the same ease of generation and printing as barcodes, but allow for much larger data representation. One of the most common uses that you see for QR codes is a quick reference to a URL, typically for finding a website or mobile app. QR codes have the ability to represent more than a thousand characters of text, or even binary data, so they are finding their way into a wide variety of commercial applications.

    The quickest way to learn about integrating QR Codes and barcodes into mobile apps is to examine the Design Catalog template in the ViziApps Studio. This demonstration app shows you how to insert a single button in your app that call up the image scanner, and then automatically shows you the code’s value once the scan is successful. The scanned value is held in a variable that can then be used for any purpose, such as setting the URL in a browser, or performing a database query based on this value.