Mobile App Management solution provider AppCentral has published a report that confirms what many have long suspected: enterprises are building and deploying custom mobile apps. And not just for their employees. Partners, distributors and contractors are also getting mobile apps built specifically by companies that recognize the need to provide productivity tools for the extended mobile workforce.

The AppCentral report, “Custom Mobile App Usage in the Workplace,” summarizes finding based on a survey of 200 people, representing 100 companies, who use smart mobile devices to perform their jobs.

One of the most interesting findings for readers of this blog: 68% of respondents indicated that their employers made one or more custom mobile apps available to them. In addition, non-employees, such as partners and contractors, are also being supplied with mobile apps tailored to a particular business need. And 62% of companies surveyed allow their employees to bring their mobile devices to work.

At ViziApps we view BYOD as a significant driver for custom business apps. Our users are leveraging ViziApps to create mobile apps without coding. In companies that have not anticipated the popularity of BYOD or the demand for mobile apps it would generate, business users are building apps with ViziApps in significantly less time and with much smaller budgets than they would taking a traditional approach.

The AppCentral survey found that IT is not the main funding source for the development of the custom mobile apps being built in the enterprise. Instead, funding comes from business units (for 36%) or marketing and executive leadership budgets (for 31%), where the need for apps originates. Подробное описание как играть в Вулкан Ставка по этой ссылке.

Those findings reflect a trend that jibes with forecasts Gartner made last year, which predicted that by 2015, custom mobile app projects will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4:1.

Based on its findings, AppCentral recommends investing in custom mobile apps as a way to remain competitive. We can’t disagree.