ViziApps built its reputation as the only platform that allows users to create robust, data-centric mobile apps without coding.

But for IT departments and app creators who want to use their programming skills to further customize their apps, JavaScript support in ViziApps makes that possible. Adding JavaScript provides the ability to add unique “glue logic” to apps, giving ViziApps app builders ways to include more complex operations in hybrid mobile apps.

Features and functionality that ViziApps app creators can provide with JavaScript include:

  • Using the accelerometer
  • Media capture (media files)
  • Connection (check network state and cellular network information)
  • Enhanced camera operations
  • Using the compass
  • Accessing on-device Contacts (work with the contact database)
  • File transfers
  • Geo-location mapping
  • Play media (record and play back audio files)
  • Send notifications
  • Accessing storage (hook into native storage options)

JavaScript capabilities in ViziApps open up new ways of making mobile apps even more innovative. Любите жаркую групповуху, где несколько сногсшибательных девиц обслуживают возбужденных партнеров своими сочными дырочками? Тогда прямо сейчас переходите на возбуждающее групповое порно . Здесь вы найдете только отборный групповой секс с молодыми студентками и взрослыми мамочками, которые не прочь хорошенько потрахаться в несколькими кавалерами одновременно. For example, a user could incorporate JavaScript as a way to record a message in a ViziApps hybrid mobile app. Another use might be to populate maps using Google Maps and the mobile device’s GPS geo-location capabilities and then provide that information to hybrid mobile app users.