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ViziApps requires no programming skills and lets you use your own images or the ones we provide. You can use it to create business apps for iOS and Android devices.

If you’re a beginner, you might want to take advantage of one of the ViziApps templates. They let you base your design on one of ours while you customize it to meet your particular requirements. Мне давно нужен был диплом техникума, поскольку имею образование сотрудника лесничего хозяйства, но никак не мог решиться на услугу, которой не доверял. После изучения специализированных сайтов и форумов, а также знакомства с отзывами клиентов решил купить диплом об окончании техникума в компании, которая меня заинтересовала. Менеджер выслушал меня, попросил правильно заполнить анкету и уже через несколько дней новенький диплом был у меня на руках. Благодаря этой услуге, мне не пришлось тратить большие деньги и время на учебу. Other videos in the ViziApps Studio will help you brand your mobile app and understand your options for providing it with the data needed to make it an effective tool for your target users.

According to a new IDC report, Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast, we can expect the global workforce to become increasingly mobile in the coming years.

“Our forecast shows that the worldwide mobile worker population will increase from just over 1 billion in 2010 to more than 1.3 billion by 2015,” said Stacy Crook, senior research analyst for IDC’s Mobile Enterprise Research program.

The report predicts that the region that includes the United States, Canada, and Latin America will have 212.1 million mobile workers in 2015. Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) will see the largest increase in total number of mobile workers, with a jump from 601.7 million mobile workers in 2010 to 838.7 million in 2015. IDC attributes much of that increase to strong economic expansion in China and India, the two most populous nations in the world.

Although those numbers may be daunting, businesses cannot afford to ignore them. Instead they need to find ways to turn the increasingly flexible way the workforce operates into a business driver.

How? By assessing what their employees will need to take advantage of rapidly changing mobile technologies. Both enterprises and small businesses need to ensure that their mobile workers are not merely moving more than ever, but that they also have all the tools they need to access key business data and stay productive, wherever they are.

Some of the most important resources they will require to do that are mobile business apps, designed to provide the types of up-to-date data, reporting capabilities, and decision making tools they would use if they went into the same office every day.

ViziApps was launched to help businesses meet just that need. In significantly less time than it takes to build software applications using traditional methods, the ViziApps online tool enables non-programmers to develop custom, branded native apps for iOS and Android devices and web apps for any mobile device with a full browser. Because the tool provides a drag-and-drop approach that uses widgets and requires no coding, much of the technical expertise and time-consuming challenges of a software engineering project can be avoided.

Companies in a number of vertical markets are using ViziApps to develop innovative mobile apps. Employing a do-it-yourself approach that requires the same types of computer skills needed to convey information in a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet, they are addressing the growing demand for apps that not only promote worker productivity but also engage customers and partners in new ways.

Professional Investment Advisors are looking to mobile apps as a way to deepen connections with clients. They are also employing them to showcase their brands, with current clients, as well as prospects.

In a recent article in RIA Biz magazine (a publication for registered financial advisors), Bill Hayes, principal of Charles Carroll Financial Partners, described the ViziApps-built iPad application he uses to work more efficiently. Now, instead of carrying around lots of paper, Hayes uses the app to access the various types of documents that his clients need to complete or review and approve when he meets with them.

“I travel quite a bit to meet with clients, and it was getting more difficult to get the necessary information and this makes it much easier,” Hayes told the magazine. “This allows me to show prospects all of the necessary documents that will need to be filled out if they become my client.”

The app Hayes uses was created with ViziApps 2.0, which features powerful data management capabilities for accessing and managing information stored in Google Docs spreadsheets for use in both native mobile and web apps. ViziApps also supports accessing and managing information stored in SQL. ViziApps 2.0 is now available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play (formerly Android Market). Источник: .

The Real-time Electronic Access for Caregivers and the Homeless (REACH) Challenge will award a $25,000 grand prize for a mobile app for smartphones and tablets that can help the homeless, as well as caregivers and caseworkers who serve them, locate resources in their communities. In addition, the top five finalists will each receive $10,000. The contest is sponsored by the U.S., Department of Veteran Affairs, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation.

According to Veterans Affairs, 636,017 people in the United States were homeless in 2011, and about 14% of homeless adults were veterans. To address problems the homeless face, the winning app will help outreach workers and volunteers track down information on resources such as health clinics, shelters, food kitchens, legal assistance and other social service resources and share it with the homeless in their communities.

To assist contestants in developing robust applications, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is making available applications and data in its Homeless Management Information System. With easy access to information on local resources, caregivers and social workers will be better able to serve the large numbers of homeless who need assistance.

Non-programmers looking to enter the contest could use the ViziApps mobile app development tool to design and test their application free. The tool’s drag-and-drop approach requires no coding, making it easy to build mobile apps that provide data access on iOS and Android devices.