Mobile app for automobile dealerships

Car Detailer buffing out an automobile hoodSuccessful automobile dealerships are very good at selling and buying cars, selling parts, and providing repair services. However, dealerships are challenged to cost-effectively staff and maintain detailing services given the inconsistency of labor demands over the course of any given month. This is where CP&S Detail comes in.

CP&S Detail has been providing automotive dealers with innovative products, services, and solutions for over 26 years. CP&S offers a complete line of chemicals and equipment, a trained labor force, Car Wash Systems, Automotive Detailing Services, and related training.

Enter ViziApps – No Code Platform and Development Partner Services

To deliver the automotive detailing services required by the dealerships, CP&S Detail needed an effective mobile workflow app, DetailMgr, that they could easily use to manage their work shifts and provide CP&S management with visibility and accountability of their work results. DetailMgr needed to track each employee, what they are paid, the hours they work, the tasks they completed and how efficiently they completed each task. Capturing these data points using DetailMgr tells CP&S Detail in real time if they are making money and what adjustments are needed at each dealership.

Screen shot of DetailMgr mobile appCP&S went the traditional route working with a software vendor to develop DetailMgr but the effort was expensive and time consuming. CP&S knew there had to be a better way. They learned about ViziApps’ no code platform and the development services available. ViziApps recreated the DetailMgr mobile app on the ViziApps platform including the integration with Quickbase®, the cloud platform CP&S uses for their core IT applications and operations. The result was a much more economical and functional solution.

Now, with three years of user feedback using DetailMgr in the field, CP&S wants to make significant changes to the mobile app. They recognize the design of ViziApps as a no code platform would enable them to make the changes in house. However, they don’t have the resources. Again, they are working with a ViziApps VIP Partner as the development services provider.

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