More than 60% of the top websites use Google Analytics to understand their’ users behavior, and exploit this understanding to improve user experience and achieve better business results.

So doesn’t it make sense that you would want that same kind of analytical power to understand how people are using your mobile apps?

ViziApps makes it very simple to use your existing or new Google Analytics accounts with your custom mobile apps to get this same kind of measurement and analysis.

Read how to do it at ViziApps Wiki: Google Analytics.

Measure Pages, Buttons, and More

With a few simple instructions, you can measure any page that is viewed or any button that is pressed. The Real Time dashboard on Google Analytics will show your user’s app activity as it is happening. You automatically get important information such as the user’s platform and session duration. Подробное описание как играть в Вулкан Ставка по этой ссылке.

Analytics ScreenShot

Creating any custom event that you want to measure and report with Google Analytics is easy. An example event might be when a specific data upload has been successful. ViziApps even provides you with the hooks to make use of any common hit types, such as eCommerce tracking.