AODocs provides enterprise document management based on Google for Work. AODocs is now on Google for Work Domains serving more than 1,100,000 users across 75 countries. The unique combination of ViziApps with AODocs' Google Docs support and document management capabilities empowers users to create mobile business apps that are quick to build and easy to use.

Now, you can easily integrate AODocs Document Management into ViziApps custom cross-platform mobile business process apps with no coding. Use your existing office software skills to build your custom mobile app with enterprise document management quickly and inexpensively. And you can update your apps at any time, immediately pushing the new versions to your users.

You can get started today using AODocs with ViziApps two ways;


Use the new ViziApps AODocs Workflow App available in the iTunes App Store or Google Play

Or, Create your own custom workflow app with your ViziApps account

Use the ViziApps AODocs Workflow App

Download the app and immediately review and transition documents in your AODocs account. The app is built with ViziApps and also available as a template you can expand upon with your ViziApps account.