Now, you might be wondering how ViziApps can mobilize your business. Let’s go back to the criteria listed in Part 3 of this Series, and look at how ViziApps addresses those needs for Rapid Mobile Application Development:

  • Security – ViziApps is built on a highly reliable Amazon AWS network with an eye on “protecting your app” with utmost priority. ViziApps leverages the latest security AWS tools to build a secure network that does not slow down performance of your app.
  • Budget/Cost – First, no big mobile app 5- or 6-figure capital cost for each mobile app development project. Just sign up, and start using ViziApps to create your mobile apps. Or, ask ViziApps or any of our VIPs (ViziApps Innovation Partners) to create your mobile app for you , at a small fraction of the cost of a coded mobile app project.
  • Viziapps subscription pricing is a simple “Per Device” pricing model. No need to track or worry about how many users there are for each app, extra backend/cloud storage usage costs, API Call counts and fees, additional data connection costs, or any other factors. Simple and predictable is the way to go with Viziapps pricing.
  • Ease of Use and Deployment – Experience the fastest time to take an your app from concept to design to published deployments in just hours and days, not weeks and months. Instantly, you can immediately see your User Experience design and workflow changes in the ViziApps Studio and on user devices for user feedback, then publish the app to your users. Make changes in real-time to capture the missing elements thus improving the app User Experience and reducing Time-to-Value of your mobile solution. With its easy to use interface, ViziApps can provide your best Rapid Mobile App Development solution.
  • Ease of Integration – Over the years, ViziApps has built a growing repository of new no coding capabilities for using mobile device native features and secure data connections (from SQL to Google Drive to QuickBase to Intuit QuickBooks to Salesforce CRM, and more). ViziApps understood the power of not only connecting different databases but more importantly, they work together. Take data from a SQL database, make the required changes within the app and let that data flow into Salesforce in a matter of few clicks in the design studio.

Viziapps enables successful mobile business strategy. See it to believe it. Go ahead and create a Free Trial in ViziApps and see magic happen.