We’ve discussed how Viziapps is disrupting mobile app development with the power of visual rapid mobile app design, data connectivity, and publishing. Let’s recap the key factors ViziApps provides.

Visually Design your Mobile App User Experience. Viziapps is a Visual platform for IT Professionals and Citizen Developers to easily design, test, and publish mobile apps for iOS or Android OS devices. All this through the Visual Design studio that supports all of the cool features that you want in your mobile app’s User Experience.

Connect Data Visually with ViziApps no coding drag ‘n drop connectors for 37 SQL databases, QuickBase, Google Drive, and Salesforce, as well as key now Internet of Things data sources. All this without having to learn how to code the data connection together. Just use the ViziApps Visual Mobile Design Studio.

Use Native Mobile Features like Camera integration into your app (take a picture and upload to your app), or Geolocation to know where your fleet of trucks is, or Signature Capture to know when your order has been received are all core features of the platform. When key new native phone business features are introduced, the Viziapps development team is there to bring it to you as part of the rapidly evolving platform. No longer do you have to go to a professional services firm for updates to take advantage of useful new phone and tablet features. Viziapps keeps you abreast of the changes taking place in mobile space.

Enable Offline Mobile App Use. More often than not, your mobile employees won’t have cell or Wi-Fi coverage everywhere they need to capture data with their mobile app. Viziapps Offline Sync captures all of the info; and when the mobile worker reconnects to wireless coverage, ViziApps Offline Sync automatically re-syncs the mobile app and backend databases. No more paper or the mobile worker’s mind required to capture data.

Do it all Securely. Viziapps protects the infrastructure and contents of your mobile apps. The platform supports both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure using the highest level of security standards.

And all at Low Cost! ViziApps empowers you to build business mobile apps at 1/10th the time and cost of coded mobile app development. Priced on a low simple per app subscription basis, there’s no limit on the number of mobile app users, mobile app complexity, mobile app updates, data queries, and more!

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