What does Offline Data Sync mean in a mobile app?

Offline data allows a user of the mobile app to view, add, delete or modify data in the mobile app with no connection to the internet or network. All of the changes the user makes will be automatically synced with the main backend database, once the mobile app user comes back into online network connectivity.

So, why this is important?

Well, for starters, this is a requirement for all many enterprise-type mobile apps. If the app does not work where the user is, they will not use it. Users can keep working on their scheduled tasks in their mobile apps without having to worry about intermittent network connectivity issues. This impacts many industries and mobile app use cases. Here are just four examples:

Distribution Teams in a large e-commerce warehouse. The mobile app user has 10 items to go pick up from various bin locations to fulfill customer orders. The mobile app has listed 10 items + bin locations for customer orders. Connectivity in these warehouses can be pretty bad. Up to now, the old way use paper check-off lists, then manually update the orders on their mobile apps when they have network connectivity. Extremely Unproductive!

Now, with Viziapps Offline Sync, the mobile app has downloaded all of the items + bin locations for customer orders on their mobile device. The user picks order items from bins and updates the mobile app. As each user heads back to their base station, all of the offline data is automatically synced with the main database as soon as network connectivity is available.

Sales teams on the road generating increased revenue. Let your sales team create new opportunities or update existing accounts information offline, as they meet with each account whether there’s connectivity, or not. Then, when they come online over secure communication lines, the ViziApps mobile app synchronizes all the information with your sales backend database.

Technicians servicing refrigeration systems in steel frame buildings. Often, equipment needing service is in the basement, or so-called “bowels” of the building where Internet connectivity is non-existent. With ViziApps Offline Sync, service techs can use their mobile apps to read system component bar cades, reference IoT (Internet of Things) data from PTC ThingWorx or AT&T M2X, take and store photos of broken parts, and capture customer signatures for work-order signoff. Then, automatically sync with the backend database when they return to connectivity.

Sales teams selling supplies and services into hospitals. Hospitals often have poor Internet connectivity because of their steel frame construction, but often by systems and policies restricting wireless access. With iPad and Android Tablet mobile apps with Offline Sync, sales teams can enter order info and capture order approval signatures, then automatically sync when they return to connectivity.

In the cases above, it doesn’t matter if multiple mobile app users are using and updating data from the same backend database. Viziapps Offline Sync handles that to provide the latest information.