The ThingWorx Technology Platform is the only enterprise-ready platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things.

ViziApps has worked with ThingWorx to integrate seamless use of ThingWorx data for mobile apps with no coding. Now you can include use and updating of key IoT data, along with all the other 50+ connected data sources ViziApps already supports.

ThingWorx contains complete sets of integrated loT-specific development tools that make solution development simple, time-to-market fast and solutions built on the platform more compelling.

Connect – connect your “things" using ThingWorx connectivity

Analyze – ThingWorx analytics automates complex analytical processes for loT data such as real-time anomaly detection at the edge, predictive analytics and simulations

Create – robust development tools enable the both skilled and novice loT developers to quickly create solutions. vps/vds в латвии

Share – Collaborate with loT developers around the world through the ThingWorx DevZone, Marketplace and at their annual loT Conference, LiveWorx.

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