ViziApps has pioneered fast creation of custom mobile apps without the need for coding. However, you may need a faster more controlled way to distribute your apps than available through the public app stores.

Now you can also publish your custom mobile apps directly into the hands of your iPhone, iPad, and Android users, literally in minutes, with ViziApps Instant Publisher.

The Need for Instant Publishing

There are a number of situations where you may not want your custom mobile app to be distributed through a public app store:

  • Your app is only to be used by company insiders and channel/supply partners
  • Your app contains ideas, concepts, or intellectual property you don’t want competitors to see
  • You want to avoid the complexity, delays, and cost of publishing through public app markets
  • You need fast distribution to a limited set of users
  • Your user population is small
  • You are conducting a Beta or Pilot test

How It Works

ViziApps Instant Publisher™ creates a special App Installation Web Page, unique for your app, that guides your users through a simple and fast installation process.

ViziApps also creates a unique App Invitation Card which contains a short URL and QR code that will bring your users directly to the App Installation Web Page.

State Capitols Invitation Card

App Invitation Card

Your users open your installed app directly from your custom branded App Icon on their device home screen, and the same published app can run on both Apple and Android devices. ViziApps Instant Publisher is available to use with the latest version of ViziApps from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Try installing the demo app shown in the Invitation Card above to see how Instant Publisher works.