In last week’s post, we talked about the five requirements for creating effective mobile-first business workflow apps.

The benefits of an effective business workflow app developed from a mobile-first perspective can significantly minimize transaction times, shorten approval cycles, reduce data-entry errors and accelerate sales customer service resolution cycles, thereby reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

So, how do you get business processes off of laptops and desktops to the smartphones and tablets right in the hands of your mobile workforce? You start by designing the optimum mobile workflow logic, then rapidly transforming that into the mobile app with ViziApps.

Design Your Mobile App’s Workflow Logic

Using the ViziApps Studio’s visual drag and drop technology, you can think of the workflow logic as a storyboard of the actions and flow for the work to be done. That enables you to map out the workflow with good UX design principles in mind.

It’s important to clearly articulate the goals of the app. It isn’t enough to create an app that just mimics the desktop version. Bring together the users of the mobile app for a design session. Build a consensus on the goals for the mobile app.

Next, identify the primary user scenario. Brainstorm on the features. The challenge is always to stay focused on the user needs of the scenario. Highly rank features that align to the scenario. Save other ideas for future releases, if relevant.

Create the Mobile App Layout Design

Build out your app on the ViziApps Studio canvas. You can create your mobile app in as little as a few hours, applying the user scenario design you outlined in your planning sessions. Worried about the safety of your kid and are looking for a hidden keylogger for android? your concern is legitimate – you're responsible. ViziApps Studio’s display canvas, combined with simple drag and drop wizards makes it easy to build the app’s workflow storyboard.

Walk through the design storyboard with the end users to get concurrence and feedback. It’s easy to edit the design using the drag and drop capabilities of ViziApps Studio.

Before you know it, you have an effective mobile workflow app ready to go.