There are few things more important to Internet and mobile users than sharing, and now ViziApps brings sharing to mobile app creation. Even for small projects, it’s very common to have multiple people collaborate in different ways to design and test a mobile app. ViziApps new App Sharing feature allows any user to share any of their app designs with any other ViziApps users.

App Sharing solves critical needs for team development:

  • Developers can share their app with others for evaluation and testing
  • An app can be shared with a UI design specialist for consultation and improvements
  • Contractors can be included into a team when needed, and then their sharing can be revoked when the contract is complete
  • After an app has been released, different people can be assigned update and maintenance tasks
  • Managing the important controls for publishing through one individual so a company keeps a secure relationship to the App Stores and Mobile App Management Systems
  • When developing apps for a customer, briefly sharing app designs with them, so they can validate the features and test for themselves

Sharing an app is easy. The person creating an app clicks on the new “Share This App” button in ViziApps Studio, and enters the username of other ViziApps users. They declare whether the users are Developers or Testers. A Developer can edit an app design and test it in both Preview Mode and on any mobile device, then share their changes with the App Owner. A Tester can test an app, but not edit an app.

The person that created the app remains the App Owner, and is the only one that can publish to the App Stores. The App Owner can also revoke sharing of their app at any time. There is no limit to the number of apps that can be shared, or how large the app sharing team can get.

Now, with ViziApps App Sharing, enterprise teams and the contractors that serve them can manage the complete cycle of designing, testing, and publishing their mobile apps.