ViziApps, in partnership with Quickbase, now provides a ViziApps template using the OSHA Construction Site Safety Audits sample app. The ViziApps mobile version can provide a tangible ROI for inspection tasks, saving from $150 to $300 per inspection by providing significant time savings.

The OSHA app can be used by field workers or auditors to perform inspections at a construction site. This fully functioned mobile app supports iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet, and leverages device-specific features that optimize the field data collection and reporting workflow.

The ViziApps OSHA app demonstrates the following features:

  • Login with employee ID or bar-code scanning of a badge
  • Read and write to Quickbase tables
  • Drill down to Status lists, Checklists, and Corrective actions
  • Add text content to Quickbase tables
  • Ability to capture photographs and place into image field
  • Real-time GPS lookup of location
  • Voice to text capture of notes (for all text fields)
  • Device-based signatures for certification of results
  • Initiate phone calls (e.g., to call a supervisor)
  • Show map based on current physical address

The Quickbase desktop or laptop “OSHA Construction Site Safety Audit” app is available to Quickbase customers in the Quickbase Exchange under Sample Apps. The ViziApps mobile-first “OSHA Construction Site Safety Audit” is available for download by ViziApps customers or by registering for a Free Trial Account.

To read about the app operations, and to learn more about the solution and how it can help your business, download the Solution Brief.

Download OSHA Sample App Solution Brief

To learn how to install this app in your own Quickbase Realm, please reference the QuickStart Guide.