Companies worldwide use Quickbase to create cloud-based business process applications, without doing any coding.

Now, using ViziApps Studio, enterprise and small business users can easily build mobile apps using Quickbase data to run on the iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and smartphones, without coding. Taking advantage of the ViziApps drag and drop process for creating apps, Quickbase users can quickly and cost effectively build mobile apps that provide access to robust cloud-based data.

ViziAppsĀ® provides the features described below for creating Quickbase mobile apps.


Click & choose database fields and drag & drop device fields

  • A drag and drop process for creating Quickbase database operations, using familiar database commands such as select, insert, update and delete.

Test database commands in the Studio

  • A graphical test for verifying that database commands work properly right in the ViziApps Studio.

Preview app running with Quickbase access

With these new capabilities, Quickbase users can build data-rich apps for iOS and Android devices. Adding Quickbase database operations takes just minutes.

The no-coding ViziApps process enables business and IT professionals to build mobile business apps for use by employees, partners, and customers. As a result, businesses can have the mobile apps their users need to access and leverage data virtually anywhere and anytime.