We’ve been busy here at ViziApps. On December 11, 2018, we announced the release of ViziApps Studio 5.0 – Powered by LogicBuilder (read blog post). Our focus in the December 11 announcement was on LogicBuilder – the brains behind ViziApps no-code mobile app logic development, but there is more to the ViziApps 5.0 release.

ViziApps Studio 5.0 now comes with a significant new user interface update, based on customer feedback. Studio 5.0 offers all new button icons, a refined color design, and improved tool panel layout.

New ; style=Create Mobile First Workflow App Logic with No Coding.
ViziApps LogicBuilder is the industry’s first platform for creating the essential flow and glue logic for Mobile First workflow apps, with no code. Integrated with ViziApps 5, LogicBuilder provides 70 built-in functions for 9 critical types of mobile app operations, all with no coding:

  • Custom User Experience and App Navigation
  • Field actions
  • Multi-source Data Management
  • Logic operations
  • Math operations
  • Device actions
  • Date and Time operations
  • Loops and Popups
  • User Notifications
These LogicBuilder Functions enable Citizen Developers, IT Professionals, and Solution Providers to rapidly create robust and even complex Mobile First business process and workflow apps using visual drag ‘n drop techniques, not coding. They replace the otherwise necessary C#, Objective C, Java, and even JavaScript coding required by other so-called Low Code and Mobile App Development coding platforms.

Michael Hackney, CTO and VP of Products, ViziApps

Over the years, I’ve worked with (and developed) a number of rapid application development (RAD) and low-code tools targeting development for desktop, Web browser, embedded device, and mobile device applications. Although these tools simplified developing the “shell” of the application, their required integration with databases and other data sources was complex and time consuming.

As I continue to dig into ViziApps® Studio to learn its ins-and-outs by developing increasingly complex mobile apps, I’ve come to appreciate how easy it is to create connections to a wide assortment of data sources — from traditional SQL databases (both cloud-based and on-premises) to cloud-based platforms including Quickbase® to Google spreadsheets to IoT data sources like ThingWorx®. Figure 1 shows the ViziApps Studio pull down menu for supported data sources; and within the SQL Database category, there are nine supported SQL databases, as shown in Figure 2.

An interview with Michael Hackney, ViziApps CTO and VP of Products
Michael Hackney sat down to share with us some of his insights into why he chose ViziApps and ViziApps chose him as our new CTO and VP of Products. Here is a summary of the interview. The full video is at the bottom of this article.

Why are you excited about becoming the new CTO and VP of Products of ViziApps?
Companies find it time consuming and expensive to invest in creating custom applications to solve their unique business problems. ViziApps’ technology solves real business problems. Michael tested it out by creating a simple app and found ViziApps does it faster and much more easily than other platforms.

What strengths and skills do you bring to the table?
Michael brings quite a diverse technology background to the table, including enterprise cloud-based software solutions, award-winning Apple-based products, and even IoT (Internet of Things) predictive analytics for railroads! With that, he brings diverse thinking to addressing the opportunities for ViziApps’ technology in the market place.